Wednesday , July 15th 2020
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Kong Classic is a Must for Dogs

Dog chew toys no if and or buts are a must for dogs!
As a dog owner, it’s a no-brainer. It’s important to manage your dog’s natural tendency to chew without making your action disciplinary for your canine. By having a selection of dog chew toys handy you can ensure that:

  • Your dog does not chew up your property
  • Your dog’s teeth and gums are kept in good condition
  • Your dog’s overabundance of energy has a means of escape, relieving anxiety and boredom.
  • We would not advise you to purchase the first thing you see. A little thought will need to go into anything you choose to buy, to ensure your hard-earned cash is not wasted.

Make sure you purchase dog chew toys that are suitably sized for your breed of dog. What I mean by that statement is that the same dog chew toy that will keep little Flossy the Pekingese happy for hours will have no impact on Ralph the Boxer.

One way to make sure that your best friend is safe is to read the packaging/product description or ask a member of staff in-store. It will give you some clue about which kind of dog the product is directed towards. Often, the makers of dog chew toys are also dog lovers, so they’ll be eager to prevent any unpredictable outcome that will affect their brand.

Keep in mind what you’re actually purchasing. A toy of this nature is going to take a thrashing from your dog’s powerful jaws. If it has pieces that can easily tear off or it is not strong, you may wish to think twice before giving it your dog. After all, you want it to last some time and be durable to withstand a good thrashing!

Try to have a few different toys, would be the best course of action after all just like us, dogs will become uninterested with no new incitation. An assortment of dog chew toys will service you well, mixed in with a tennis ball and the odd random bone and your canine friend will love you even more unreservedly.

Dog Chew Toys

If you’re finding it challenging to tempt your dog away from your furniture, try a dog chew toy with a treat hidden inside, a good dog chew toy such as the KONG Classic (pictured below).