Tuesday , May 26th 2020
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Kong Chew Toy – The Best Dog Toy

All dogs like to chew and need chew toys to keep them busy, happy, and unlikely to chew on furniture or other household items. There is one dog toy that is definitely better than the rest – the Kong. This hard rubber toy is available in several shapes and sizes at your local pet store for around $10. Below are a few reasons why the Kong chew toy is the best chew toy for your dog.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Kong

It is Indestructible

While other dog toys can become destroyed quickly by an aggressive chewer, the Kong chew toy is virtually indestructible. Your dog will try to destroy the Kong and fail. The Kong’s hard rubber can be punctured but not torn. You may find your dog’s Kong is covered with tooth punctures, but still completely intact and chewable. You do not have to worry about your dog ingesting chunks of this toy.

It is Washable

Let your dog take his Kong outside in the mud, let him eat peanut butter from the middle, and let him slobber all over it. It doesn’t matter how disgusting the Kong gets because it’s washable! Just wash the dog toy in the sink with some warm soapy water.

It is Unique

The Kong dog toy is unique because it is made to hold treats. Several Kong designs hold a variety of biscuits, but most are also designed to hold soft treats such as peanut butter. There are even specially designed Kong biscuits and Kong brand spray stuffing (similar to spray cheese) to fill your dog’s Kong. But don’t worry – your dog will love to chew his Kong even when there is no yummy filling.

It Keeps Your Dog Busy

Does your dog gobble treats and then beg for more? He won’t if you put it in his Kong. Your dog will spend as much time as necessary to get every bit of biscuit out of the center of his Kong. Spread some peanut butter in the center of your dog’s Kong chew toy, and he will spend an hour making sure he licked every bit of yummy treat off the rubber.

Chewing Is Natural

It is safe if your dog is an aggressive chewer, you may notice that his gums often get irritated or bleed slightly after chewing on rawhide or nylon bones. Because the Kong dog toy is made of rubber, it is much more gentle to chew and will cause less irritation to your dog’s gums.

Black Lab with Kong chew toy


All puppies and even adult dogs can get curious. Are you always telling your dog “NO” because it’s found great satisfaction in chewing your favorite shoe or wooden chair leg? This is very common in puppies. Puppies will begin teething at around two to three months of age and will start to shed their baby teeth by about four months. So their chewing is a natural reaction. Just like human babies when they teeth they need the soothing comfort of teething rings and rubber toys to chew on. In the same light so do puppies. It’s important to give your puppies enough chew toys (rubber toys) to satisfy their need to chew.

There is one toy that in my opinion is the best out there. This is called the Kong. Joe Markham invented the Kong chew toy. He was working on his Volks Wagon van one day and noticed that his German Shepard was taking a liking to chewing nearby rocks. In hopes to persuade him away from it, Joe tossed him some spare car parts, the one that the dog liked best was a spare suspension part, which led to the invention of the Kong dog toy!

Dog owners every would probably like to shake the hand of Mr. Joe Markham as this toy has saved many owners hours of frustration and given dogs hours of fun all at the same time.

The Kong’s are so special because of the hole that goes right through the middle of the toy that is made to stuff treats or food into it so that the dog can dig it out. This provides the dog with something to do and the owners with a chance to sit back on relax.

Kong’s are made with a heavy-duty plastic so that it is virtually indestructible. While it is hard to destroy make sure you keep a close watch on bigger dogs, as some bigger breeds have been known to go through a kong or two. The Kong’s not only filled the dog’s need for “hunting” their food, but it also rewards them for a job well done once they are able to retrieve the food out of the hole. The Kong chew toys are great for the dog’s teeth and help to maintain good dental hygiene.

There are today many varieties of Kongs on the market. There are different makes, models, and sizes. So you are sure to find the right one to suit your dog.

Puppy Kong, which is available in all, sizes for the smallest to the biggest puppies. It is also made with special teething rubber.

is made for strong chewers!

Black Kong is made extra bouncy and extra strong for power chewers. This Kong is great for big dogs such as German Shepards, Rottweilers, Labs etc….

are great for keeping dogs teeth clean and removing plaque while giving you dog hours of fun.

are covered in 100% tennis ball material; they will soar through the air faster and even float in water!

Kongs are great for crated dogs as it provides them not only hours of play but also enforces the rewards method. They “hunt” and dig for their food and are then rewarded for their efforts. This provides a positive environment for the dog while in its crate. It also is great for helping with separation anxiety by providing a good distraction and treats while you’re away.

No matter which Kong chew toy you get for your dog or puppy they are great fun and provide your dog with everything they need. Food, a chew toy and hours of fun.