Wednesday , July 15th 2020
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How Do You Use Dog Toys?

How Do You Use Dog Toys?  People purchase dog toys for various reasons. Whatever the reason may be for buying dog toys you need to know how to use them. But before knowing that first, you should be aware why you need them at all. Don’t buy toys for your dog just because everyone else does so. That way you will end up buying the wrong toys for your dog. It is not only wasteful expenditure it can also be dangerous. One of the main reasons for buying dog toys may be that your dog gets bored quickly and you are forced to keep its company. Dog toys can help your dog pass the time and you can be on your own doing what you like.

Another reason you may need dog toys is to wean your dog away from chewing up your cushions, furniture or whatever it can get its teeth into. Dogs are like children, and they play a lot. Just like children they like to play all the time. Chewing or tearing up things seems like a game to them, especially when they are very young and untrained. You have to teach them not to chew up things in the house and what better than giving them alternatives in the form of dog toys.

dog waiting for toy

Where’s my dog toy, huh? I wanna play.

There is no dearth of dog toys in the market. There are toys of all shapes, sizes, and color for dogs. They come in all sorts of materials. You will be wowed by the sheer variety and unless you know what to buy you may end up with the wrong ones. Dog toys cost money and money should be spent wisely. Before you decide to buy toys for your dog, you must first familiarize yourself with the types of toys available and their usefulness. You can take the help of instructions written on the label or find out from the store staff.

Safe Toys

The most important aspect of using dog toys is the safety factor. The safety of your dog that is. Usually, the things that most attract dogs are the most unsafe for them. Look for strings, ribbons, pantyhose, rubber bands, kid’s toys or anything else that your dog can swallow. The dog toys that you purchase also must not have any loose stuff or anything that can be easily ripped off and eaten by your dog, especially if it is a puppy. Toys should not be so small that your dog can swallow them and they get stuck in the throat. If the toy has a squeaker inside it, the dog may dig it out, out of curiosity and swallow it. The fillings in some soft toys can be dangerous too.

In addition to being distracting devices, toys can be used for training dogs. The most common training is to make it fetch things. The natural hunting instincts of dogs are sparked through the use of dog toys for fetching on command. There are also interactive and motivational dog toys that are very useful for the dog’s agility training. One of the most important purposes of the toys is to teach dogs to interact and socialize with the owners and their family members. Dog toys are also excellent tools for providing exercise to your dog. This will keep it healthy, agile and alert.


dog with tug toy

Tug toys are excellent training aids

Toys for Gaming

For gaming purposes for your dog, you can buy noise making toys and dog toys stuffed with genuine fur that can be used for motivational purposes. Kongs and other types of hard rubber toys that have open cavities within them can be used as interactive toys. For agility training purposes there are motivational interactive toys. Interactive play is important for your dog because by focusing on a particular task like returning a ball, Kong or frisbee repeatedly or by playing hide and seek with treats and toys the pent up physical and mental energy developed due to confinement, isolation or boredom get an outlet and reduces any stress. Appropriate and inappropriate behavior can also be taught to an untrained dog through interactive play and it provides opportunities for socialization with people and other pets.

Tug of war is also great for obedience training. The dog is taught to tug at toys and stop pulling on command. This should be done with care and only if your dog has not shown aggressive behavior. This game needs to be introduced slowly until your dog tugs at or gives up toys on command. Tug toys are of many types. There are the natural tugs made from fleece, hemp or rubber. There are also the tennis ball tug toyrope tug toy