Wednesday , July 15th 2020
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Invincible Squeaker Snake Dog Toy Review

Invincible 3 Squeaker Green Snake Toy

The Invincible Squeaker Snake Dog Toy is a total of 26″ long from tip to tip, the tip of the tail to the tip of the tongue. It comes in either a bright green or orange color and is about 3 inches wide. The head portion does not have a squeaker but has two eyes that are plush and stick out from the toy. The tongue is just a red piece of fabric ribbon that sticks out a couple of inches. There are no plastic parts that can be chewed off, and become potential choking hazards.

Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Plush Dog Toy

Invincibles Snake Stuffingless Durable Tough Plush Dog Squeaky Toy with 3 Squeakers by Outward Hound, Small, Orange, and Blue
The entire Invincible Squeaker Snake dog toy is made from a plush fabric, like a stuffed animal. The nice thing is that there is no stuffing. The toy states that the fibers are made from polyester and that the toy is made in China. On the tag, it says “plush puppies.”

Between the head and the tail is three large sections with a giant squeaker in both. The toy claims that the squeakers are invincible, but I beg to differ. My guess is that it might depend on the dog playing with it, but my dog can break these squeakers over time. The squeakers inside are not the typical little squeakers that you find in most dog toys. These are large plastic squeakers that are approximately five inches long and occupy the three separate sections of the toy between the head and tail section. The squeaker can be pulled out of the plastic cavity that puts the air behind the squeak. They can also be put back inside if the squeaker is not too badly damaged.

Our Experience

I bought the first toy from a specialty gift shop for big bucks. After that, I went to Amazon and found the same thing for quite a bit less. We have a 24-pound Cairn Terrier. This Terrier has a pretty good sized jaw for a small dog and would be considered a strong chewer, with good sized teeth. As a puppy, he would destroy toys almost right after he got them. He is now 11 Yrs old, and it takes him a couple of weeks now to destroy something. He will play with this toy for a couple of months before it is destroyed.

The first invincible Squeaker Snake dog toy took a little longer to ruin, but it seems for my dog that is half the fun! The toy has enough weight to it that you can roll it up into a ball, and heave it across the room. My dog Riley loves to play this way, and it is great exercise. After a few throws, he will usually take off and chew on it a bit. It did take him a while before he chewed through, and ruined the first toy, Now that he is experienced he can break through faster. The only issue I have with the toy at this point is that when he chews through the plush fabric, I end up with green fuzz all over my family room.

A Word of Caution

Always supervise when you have a dog that can tear through a toy. While this does not have any big dangers, a dog could choke on the fuzz or plastic pieces inside the toy. I know that my dog generally just likes to remove the plastic squeakers and does not try to swallow anything but I still keep an eye on him when he is playing and actively chewing something. If you want the toy to last you may have to take it away from your dog when you are not actively playing fetch with the toy.

Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog

If you have never tried this, you may want to. All dogs can do this and its great for training and fun for your dog. You can do this with a Toy or a Treat. Show your dog the toy or treat and tell them “Let’s play hide and seek” They will learn these words in time the same as they do for, “go for a walk” etc. Have your dog sit and stay in another room, while you go hide his toy or treat. Start with an easy hiding spot. Then when the toy is hidden you can say “ok,” or whatever you say to release your dog from the “stay” command. Your dog will use his nose to find the toy or treat. This is one of my dog’s favorite games. Besides that, it is a fun trick to show your friends, and they will think your dog is well trained. I will admit my dog is not trained all that well, but he is highly motivated to play this game, and I bet your dog will love it too.

Final Thoughts and Rating

I know this toy can be destroyed, but my dog loves it so much that I am going to give it four stars. I think he loves the three big squeakers, and it is always his “go to” toy. Trust me he has a lot of toys to choose from! He would probably give it five stars, but I have to take a star off since they are claiming it is invincible and clearly it is not

You might be asking yourself why I would rate this toy so highly when my dog has destroyed two of them already. Well, the answer is simple. Buying the Invincible Squeaker Snake dog toy at a price of around $6.50 has given my dog way more than that in play value. I am about to order my third invincible Squeaker Snake dog toy for my dog…And I may order a spare for next time.